SATUCI’s treatment services begin with an evaluation. A certified/licensed counselor evaluates each client’s situation to understand and assess existing substance use and/or problem gambling problems to determine, in partnership with the client, the type of treatment service for his/her need. Evaluation sessions are normally one hour in length however clients are asked to arrive 30 minutes early to fill out paperwork regarding insurance and some screening instruments.

The evaluation is an interview with the counselor to better understand how substance use has affected the client’s life. Based on the evaluation, the counselor can collaborate with clients on what treatment service is appropriate to help them achieve or maintain a substance-free lifestyle or reduce their use of a substance.

Evaluations may be ordered by the courts, Department of Human Services, physicians, schools, hospitals or employers.

OWI/DUI Assessments

People who have received Operating Under the Influence (OWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges will complete OWI/DUI assessments to meet the requirements of the OWI/DUI law, which mandates that offenders receive a substance use evaluation.

An OWI/DUI evaluation may require psychological and other testing. At the conclusion of the OWI/DUI evaluation, the counselor will make a recommendation and to share the recommendation with the courts, the client will be asked to sign a Consent to Release Information form.

Co-occurring Conditions

SATUCI recognizes that frequently people have both substance-related disorders and mental health conditions. Living a quality, substance-free lifestyle involves people taking care of their mental health and physical health conditions and SATUCI is committed to working with clients’ primary physician or other healthcare provider and mental health providers. The treatment of mental health conditions may be provided to clients who have co-occurring conditions as appropriate.

Additionally, SATUCI can also provide individual, couple and family therapy to clients and their family members who have co-occurring conditions.