Treatment Services

SATUCI offers substance use and problem gambling treatment services for adolescents and adults on an outpatient basis. Please note that pregnant women and IV users receive preferential treatment.

Before treatment begins, an evaluation is conducted and information from the evaluation is used to determine the best treatment plan for each individual.

Services are provided by licensed professional and certified addiction counselors and support staff who are dedicated to treating every individual with respect and dignity. Most counselors are dually trained to treat both mental health and substance related conditions.

The terms used to describe “substance-related” conditions change over time. Society tends to think in terms of people using or misusing substances. Some individuals move into substance misuse and others develop substance dependence. Most of the services SATUCI provides for substance use and misuse are prevention services instead of treatment services. If you are interested in treatment services, please read on:

First Step: Who do we treat?

The people SATUCI treats fall into one of four categories:

  1. People who are seeking SATUCI services on a voluntary basis. In these situations, a person questions whether or not they have a substance-related disorder, contacts SATUCI and arranges an appointment with SATUCI staff.
  2. People who seek SATUCI services through an involuntary commitment. In these situations, the courts have directed the person to participate in SATUCI services.
  3. People who are involved with the criminal justice system and are directed to participate in SATUCI services.
  4. People under the age of 18 who are involved with the juvenile justice system.

There is a common belief that people need to “hit bottom” and that treating people in any other situation but voluntary will be unsuccessful. SATUCI has found that to not be true. SATUCI has clients who have successfully completed treatment under each of the above categories. Please keep in mind that substance-related disorders are very treatable conditions regardless of the substance used and the circumstances that brought the person to treatment.

Second Step: What does treatment mean?

Every service provided by SATUCI is on an “outpatient” basis, which means that clients do not stay overnight on an inpatient basis. The longest service is a three-hour group session and the shortest period of time is usually a 30-minute individual session.

Services start with an evaluation, where a counselor sits down with the referred person and talks with him/her about substance use, the impact on his/her life, any legal charges and other aspects of the person’s life that has been affected by substance use.

Based on that evaluation, a diagnostic impression is formed and treatment options are discussed with the referred person. Family members, significant others, and any other person can participate in services if the referred person requests. A “Consent to Release Information” form needs to be completed and signed by the referred person in order to give any information to anyone else.

SATUCI believes treatment services work best when there is collaboration between the counselor and the referred person in determining the person’s desired format for services, times of the day that works best and style of treatment.

Third Step: How do I pay for services?

For payment options, click here.

Fourth Step: How do I obtain more information?

If you have any questions, please contact SATUCI at 641-752-5421.

Please note that every reasonable attempt is made to accommodate clients whose native language is not English. Clients should notify SATUCI staff if language or other accommodations are needed.