Clinical Staff

Chris Bates, Counselor

Chris Bates is a licensed social worker specializing in alcohol and drug treatment. He earned his MSW from the California State University at Sacramento and then worked in Milwaukee, WI with clients involved in the criminal justice system before moving to Iowa. He joined SATUCI in 2019.

David Ekman, Counselor

David Ekman is a licensed mental health counselor, who worked in Lee County, and at the Iowa State Penitentiary in mental health services. He graduated from Western Illinois University with a master’s degree in clinical mental health. He’s been a substance abuse counselor at SATUCI since 2014.

Taylor Hammes, Counselor

Taylor Hammes is an International Alcohol & Drug counselor, and served as an intern substance abuse counselor at the Johnson County Department of Corrections in New Century, Kansas. He was an individual and family counselor, and a remedial treatment counselor at Woodward Academy in Woodward. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a masters degree in counseling psychology. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Iowa State University. He joined SATUCI in 2016.

Mindy Tullis, Counselor

Mindy Tullis has been a substance abuse clinician at SATUCI since 2015. She is a certified drug and alcohol counselor. She has a bachelor’s in science degree in psychology from Iowa State University. She previously worked as a caseworker from the House of Mercy in Des Moines.


CADC                       Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor                                   

LMHC                      Licensed Mental Health Counselor

LBSW                       Licensed Bachelors in Social Work

LMSW                      Licensed Masters in Social Work

NCC                          National Certified Counselor

LISW                         Licensed Independent Social Worker

IADC                         International Alcohol & Drug Counselor

TCADC                    Temporary Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor

IAADC                      International Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor