• SATUCI receives funds through the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services to provide treatment services. This allows fees to be based on a sliding fee scale, which considers a client’s income in determining the cost for treatment service.
  • SATUCI also accepts Medicaid reimbursement and many health insurance policies also cover treatment services. Services may also be provided through an Employee Assistance Program.
  • To ensure that benefits are available, clients should contact their health insurance carrier, prior to their first appointment at SATUCI, to set up pre-authorization.
  • Fees for in-state evaluations and OWI classes are set by law. The sliding fee scale will not cover an evaluation or classes.
  • Title 19 will cover an evaluation, but not classes.
  • The client must pay for the evaluation at the time of service,¬†unless they are covered by Title 19.
  • SATUCI will not file insurance on OWI evaluations.

OWI fees

  • In-state evaluations–$125
  • Out of state evaluations–$160
  • OWI class–$180

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