Parents Who Host

The Parents Who Host campaign is a public awareness campaign to educate parents about the health and safety risks of serving alcohol at teen parties and to increase awareness of and compliance with underage drinking laws. In Marshalltown, the campaign is mainly used during prom and graduation time.

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SATUCI Youth Partners and the Drug-Free Action Alliance work together on this public awareness campaign to bring the theme “Parents Who Host, Lose the Most: Don’t be a party to teenage drinking” to the community. The messages used in the campaign are about the legal consequences of providing alcohol to youth. The campaign encourages parents and the community to send a unified message at prom and graduation time that teen alcohol consumption is not acceptable.

This public awareness campaign takes place on a local and national level and runs from April through June during prom and graduation seasons. In Marshalltown, parents and adults put yard signs up with the Parents Who Host message and newspaper and radio advertising help spread the message.

For more information about the Parents Who Host campaign, contact SATUCI at 641-752-5421 or go to the Drug-Free Action Alliance website at

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