Outreach and Education

SATUCI offers opportunities for youth and adults to conduct activities in their communities to create awareness about underage drinking and drug use. By increasing community awareness of actual problems, increasing classroom, parent and youth education opportunities, increasing parental awareness, communication and networking and increasing coordination of prevention services with law enforcement, communities can make a difference.

Here are Outreach and Education groups offered by SATUCI:

Juvenile Education Groups (JEG)


Juvenile Education Groups are for individuals 18 and under who have an alcohol or drug related offense. They are referred to the group by Juvenile Probation Officers or SATUCI counselors. Classes are held every other month for three to four weeks for a total of eight hours. SATUCI Prevention staff conducts the groups at SATUCI’s Marshalltown office. Click here for more information and a schedule.


Friends Against Alcohol and Drugs (FAAD)

FAAD educators are high school sophomores trained in drug and alcohol education, decision making, listening and communication skills. The program is taught by a SATUCI preventionist and targets middle school students.

For more information, go to the Community Y website and click on Programs and then Youth Outreach.


Parents Who Host

The Parents Who Host campaign is a public awareness initiative to educate parents about the health and safety risks of serving alcohol to teens and to increase awareness of and compliance with underage drinking laws. In Marshalltown, the campaign is mainly used during prom and graduation time. For more information, click here.


Recovery Ride

Every September, Recovery Month is promoted to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use issues and celebrate the people who recover.  SATUCI takes part in a bike/walk event every year to celebrate those in recovery.  For more information, please contact Molly Holl at mholl@satuci.com. 


Sticker Shock

Alcohol has been identified as the number one drug of choice among Iowa youth, and according to local youth, one of the easiest substances to obtain. The Sticker Shock campaign goal is to raise awareness to adults knowingly or unknowingly providing alcohol to minors. The youth and SATUCI Youth Partners adults who participate place stickers on multi-packs of alcohol sold in convenience stores, grocery stores and other locations. These stickers display a message that says providing to alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 is illegal. The stickers send a clear message to adult providers that buying alcohol to minors is not acceptable within the community.